Charlottesville Portrait Session: Little Women (Part II)

As promised, I am back today to share with you the second part of the portrait session I shot last weekend at The Boar’s Head with four, amazing Covenant girls. I love how each their unique personalities came through in the pictures. I immediately thought of the four sisters in Little Women (hence the title).

This weeping willow is Boar’s Head’s signature tree. I definitely had it in mind when we picked out this spot!

Girl, you look awesome in that red lipstick!

Don’t you love Lina’s Nancy Drew look?

Of course we had to take a few on the bridge….Luckily I was the only one who got wet when I decided it would be a good idea to shoot from the bog. Brilliant.

I love this next series…

The four sisters….

Before we left the girls wanted to get a picture with me. Ta Da!

Thanks for dropping by, and I hope you have a great week! Stay tuned because I’ll be back with some pictures from an engagement shoot I did last weekend. You won’t be disappointed – this couple is so stinkin’ cute! (they also happen to be good friends of ours)  :-)

Here’s a sneak peek….

Michelle - May 4, 2010 - 10:49 am

These are wonderful! I can’t wait to see them in our library! :)

Charlottesville Portrait Session: Little Women (Part I)

So a few months ago I was approached by the librarian of The Covenant School about doing a photo shoot to promote reading at the school. She wanted to feature some of the girls in her book club reading some of their favorite books and then create posters to put up around the library. Let’s just say I took this idea and ran. I immediately thought that The Boar’s Head, with its sweeping willow tree, bench swings and garden paths, would be the perfect backdrop. So we went totally Jane Austen, with a little Nancy Drew and Scarlett O’Hara thrown in the mix.  I had so much fun hanging out with these sweet girls, and can’t wait to see the amazing plans God has for them in the future.

Mi Hae – no one has ever looked more lovely reading Watership Down!

Jenna – you are truly the belle of the ball!

Brittany – I love these two pictures together. Your little pout is to die for!

Sweet Lina – You look stunning in this dress. You also make for the perfect swooning maiden!

A little stroll along the garden wall…

As much as the wind was wreaking havoc with our hair, here it actually worked in our favor!. I love how the picture on the right was caught just as the wind brushed across Jenna’s dress.

Mi Hae – I can’t believe how your dress matches perfectly with the azaleas behind you. So beautiful!

Soft, warm lighting. Check. Gorgeous weather. Check. A lovely Lina who just happens to be walking in a beautiful garden reading a book. 😉 Check!

Simply stunning, Brittany!

I just love this next series with the parasols. Don’t they look elegant!?

Now for the Spanish “princesa” series. I’m thinking we need to bring fans back in style. I mean, what’s not to love!!??

Ladies, You are gems. Cyber friends, Get excited because I still have Part 2 to post. More loveliness to come!

Un abrazo,


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Charlottesville Wedding: Jessica + Shaun

Happy Friday everyone! I hope that loads of amazing weekend goodness awaits you these next few days. I thought I would start it off right with some pictures I shot last weekend of Jessica and Shaun’s wedding. Y’all are in for a real treat. An awesome couple + a beautiful spring day = gloriousness (I think I might have just made up that word). I actually come from a long line of word inventors. In fact, until someone set me straight in college, I grew up calling a strip mall a skirt mall. Thanks to my mother who decided she liked “skirt” better than “strip”. And you know what, I can see her point.:-)

Jessica and Shaun got married at Belmont Baptist Church and then we headed over to the Cavalier Inn for their reception. Both Jess and Shaun were so sweet and easy going. I mean could a photographer ask for any better clients???

Here’s a picture of Jess just arriving at the church. Isn’t she radiant! After spotting me, she walked over and gave me a big hug. Such a sweetheart!

I found this amazing ivory couch in the foyer of the church and decided that it would be a great place for portraits. So we drug it outside, plopped it in the grass and started shooting away.

The cutest flower girl and ring bearer….ever!

Dear Jess: You are striking. I hope you feel as beautiful as you are!

I love these next two pictures! So classy.

Father and son. Love it!

The girl on the left is actually one of my students! I love that Charlottesville is a small enough town that you run into people you know all the time.

I feel like this next picture completely embodies Jess’ personality: positive, joyful and quick to smile!

Congratulations you two! Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your special day. I hope that whenever you see these pictures you will be reminded of this day, your love for each other and God’s faithfulness.

Un abrazo,


Michelle Beverly - April 9, 2010 - 6:01 pm

Nat–These photos are phenomenal! Wish I was getting married AGAIN! You did a wonderful job! Keep up the good work. We will definitely have you do more family shots for us again soon!


Jessica Barbour - April 12, 2010 - 7:31 am

I LOVE THEM!!! They are so beautiful…..I am SO lucky to have you and Karen apart of my wonderful day!! I will treasure these pics forever!!!! God Bless you!!

La Primavera

La primavera means “spring” in English. Oh yeah, I don’t think I have ever mentioned this, but I do speak Spanish. And I love speaking Spanish. Just ask John. Or my parents. I make them play the “tell me a word in English and I’ll tell you how to say it in Spanish” game. They love it. No, seriously. 😉

But alas, I digress.

So spring is officially here in Charlottesville, and it’s beautiful. Despite the small digression we had yesterday (rain, gloom and 40 degree temps), it’s been quite lovely here. I love how taking my camera with me on walks allows me to see the world with new eyes. Without my camera, I don’t think I would be rolling around on the grass trying to get a close up shot of the green shoots, or climbing up on walls to get a better view of a hyacinth. So I thank you, Sr. camera, for challenging me to see the world from a new perspective. I hope you all are enjoying spring in all it’s glory and in new ways. If you’re farther north and reading this and are tempted to send me hate mail just hang in there a few more weeks. Your spring will come. In the mean time, you can live vicariously through these pics!

Feliz primavera a todos! (Happy spring to everyone!)

Un abrazo,


mom - March 29, 2010 - 7:00 pm

Lovely,lovely. I love flowers! I could name all but a few. The tree w/ yellow leaves? I’m not sure about the grass w/ white little flowers? Love, MOM

Jenny Van - March 29, 2010 - 8:27 pm

Wow, Natalie – these pictures are absolutely stunning! (love the site too, btw ;)) I miss the spring in Charlottesville…

hope you and John are well!


Hey y’all! I hope you’ve had a great weekend. I wanted to take a minute to update you on my most recent adventure to… now get ready for this….LAS VEGAS!! So I know everyone says “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”, but since these are special circumstances, I’m going to spill the beans! So every year WPPI, Wedding & Portrait Photographers International, hosts a week-long photography convention. This year it was at the MGM Grand and Natalie Bell Photography got to go! I bet there were 8,000 photographers there! It was huge! I got to hear some of the biggest and best in the industry share about their work and offer their own advice. The days were long, but I learned so much! I’m so grateful that I could go. What was also really cool is that my parents, who live in San Diego, took the 5 hour drive to come visit me. My dad, who is also a photographer, was able to take some of the classes along with me. One of the best days was when my dad and I took our cameras and just walked around to the different hotels taking pictures. There are so many cool textures, lights, buildings, and colors in Vegas. We were like kids in a candy store! And you’ll never believe who I saw walking the halls of the conference center….brace yourself…. Jasmine Star and Jeff and Erin Youngren! No, I didn’t actually talk to them, but I did see them! And for those of you who aren’t crazy, photography groupies like me, you’ll have to check out their work. Both of them are based in Southern California, so if you’re looking for a SoCal photographer, these are your people! Okay, so now to what you’ve been waiting for… the pictures!!

The view from my hotel room

The Excalibur

The Blue Man Group. Have any of you seen this show??

This is why we need you!! Otherwise photographers just take pictures of each other!

Don’t mess with this photographer!

This was a really cool wall I found in the MGM Grand. The bottle you see is a huge tequila bottle.

The MGM lion!!

Mi madre. She brought her thesis to Vegas. Boo! But we did take a Jazzercise break. Any guesses where I got the dancer genes?

Happy Sunday, friends! I hope you have a great week!



Sarah - March 24, 2010 - 8:26 am

Love the photos! I have two friends that used Jeff for their weddings and I was in one of the weddings. He is very nice and talented! Heart you friend!

Carolyn S. Polson - May 5, 2010 - 7:31 am

Absolutely beautiful. You are so talented!

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