Charlottesville Portrait Session: Jenna

Coco Chanel once said that “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous”.

Jenna is most definitely classy and fabulous.

She is also intelligent, lovely, graceful and kind, and last week I had the privilege of spending some time with her and her family at their Charlottesville home. We mostly took pictures around their beautiful yard, and let me tell you, after experiencing week after week in the upper-90s, we were loving a day in the low 80s!

You might recognize Jenna from the photo shoot I did at the Boar’s Head Inn a few months back. Jenna is definitely a girl after my own heart. She has a plethora of period dresses that she has purchased from thrift stores around the area. I’m telling you – we would have been best friends in high school! The one that she was wearing for the first half of her portrait session actually was worn by Pearl Bailey’s daughter! Needless to say, Jenna, you looked absolutely stunning!

Classy? Check.

Fabulous? Check.

Oh, Jenna, there really are just no words.

Wow. I love this one!

So after Grace Kelly and I:-)had circled around the entire house, she decided to go inside and change into something a little bit more casual.

Not surprisingly, however, there was nothing casual about her look.

Penny, the family dog, was watching longingly from the screen door, so we finally let her out to join in on the action. Here was the result:


Penny just can’t resist.:-)I even got my share of kisses from her.

Striking, Jenna.

That’s right. Work it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Takin’ Penny for a little stroll.

Oh, Penny, what are we going to do with you?

Jenna, blue is definitely your color!

Jenna, it was such an honor to document your senior year and to enter into your life, even just in a small way. You truly are a stunning young woman, blessed with so many gifts and so much awaiting you. I hope you have a great senior year, and I look forward to watching the many ways in which God is going to use you.

Un abrazo,


Mi media naranja

“Mi media naranja” literally means my half orange. As an expression, however, its meaning is closest to our version of “soulmate” or “my better half”. So today I dedicate this post to John, mi media naranja, because today we celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary! These past two years have been such a gift as we have learned to love and forgive, to cheer for each other, to comfort one another, and to put the other first. I also want to thank our family and friends for their unconditional love and support . We are so thankful for you!

John and I celebrated a little bit early by spending some time at the Clifton Inn in Charlottesville, VA. We had a such a wonderful time! The grounds are beautifully kept, the rooms are so full of elegance and style, and the food and service are truly in a class of their own. It is a lovely, lovely site for a wedding or a weekend getaway!

Here are some shots we took, thanks to a couple of adirondack chairs and our camera’s self-timer!

Our 2 anniversary! (and peace)

The butterfly bushes were incredible! We definitely decided that our next house is going to need a few in the yard.

Happy Monday!

Un abrazo,


Charlottesville Wedding: Allison + Tim (Part III)

Welcome back to the last day of Allison and Tim’s lovely Charlottesville wedding. I thought I would begin this post with a shot of their fabulous cake! Allison told me that her inspiration for the design came from the stamps that they used to mail their wedding invitations. Way to tie all of the details together, Ali.:-)

Now before I get carried away with the reception, I’d like to return to a few more of my favorite portraits of the newlyweds.

I’m so excited that I caught the “almost kiss”! It’s by far my favorite moment.

Love this one!

Mr. and Mrs.!

Allison and Tim, thank you for trusting us to document such an important day in your lives. We were thrilled to be a part of it. All the best to both of you, and we can’t wait to see where life takes you.

Un abrazo,


Janet - July 21, 2010 - 4:07 pm

These are beautiful pictures …of course the subjects are gorgeous to begin with , but the photography is very artfully done. My daughter is getting married in May and I only hope the photographer is as talented.

Charlottesville Wedding: Allison + Tim (Part II)

Happy Friday! For those of you who dropped by the blog yesterday, you were welcomed by a sampling of images from Allison and Tim’s beautiful Boar’s Head wedding. (For those of you who haven’t seen these, click here). I realize that I kinda left you hangin’, so I wanted to get back to you before the weekend begins. So to break the suspense, here are some shots from their romantic lakeside ceremony….

The ceremony was timed perfectly right as the sun was setting behind the lake and trees. It provided such beautiful lighting (not to mention an incredible backdrop) for the evening.

I love these next pictures of Allison with her dads walking her down the aisle. I hope that this is a moment they will always cherish.

Isn’t this picturesque? I always feel like I’m in the English countryside when I’m at The Boar’s Head. This ceremony was particularly special for Tim and Allison because Tim’s mom was officiating.

I want to give a shout out to Blue Ridge Floral Designs for the beautiful bouquets and arbor. They did an awesome job!

The newlyweds!

I hope you have a great weekend! Check back soon for Part III!

Un abrazo,


Charlottesville Wedding: Allison + Tim

Have you ever met someone so generous, so thoughtful, so positive and genuine that you immediately felt at home around them? Not only did you feel at home, but you wanted be around them. Maybe you even contemplated working up the courage to ask them to be your friend. It doesn’t happen too often, but when it does, it’s so sweet, and you can’t help but want to start hugging random people. This is a slice of what I experienced when I first met Allison. We connected right off the bat, and I just knew that Tim would be just as sweet and that shooting their wedding would be something special. And it was.

The afternoon started off with Allison getting ready in the coach room at the beautiful and stately Boar’s Head Inn. Excitement and anticipation filled the air as bridesmaids and family began to pour into the dressing room. Allison, in true fashion, lit up with excitement upon seeing each person, offering hugs and champagne all around.

The dress! I love the lace.

Ali is really talented when it comes to make-up. Here she is helping her mom glam it up.

I just love the captured emotion of this next picture. Ali is reacting to seeing her bouquet for the first time. Precious!

Meanwhile, John was with the guys as they were getting ready.

Oh, Tim, you’re just so GQ.
Once Ali and her girls were ready we ventured outside for some group shots. Question. How is it that everyone looks like they just walked off a Miami beach?! I seriously was the palest person at the wedding. No joke. Ladies, you really are rocking those pink dresses.
Sweet girls.:-)
All the moms.:-)ย This is John’s angle, which I actually like better than my own (below). That’s why I pay him the big bucks. ๐Ÿ˜‰
Work it girls.
These next two are precious…

Stunning. Ali, you are gorgeous.

So as much as I hate to leave you hanging at this point, I’m going to have to sign off for today. I promise there is much more to come. I know you’re probably feeling the same way I feel when FOX decides to take a commercial break right before the judges announce America’s favorite dancer (So You Think You Can Dance), but I’m wanting to build up the suspense a bit. I promise your patience will be rewarded. One dreamy lakeside ceremony with a side of sunset coming up!
Un abrazo,
A B O U T   M E