Deveryn + Bryce | Charlottesville, VA

Home weddings. Sigh. It just doesn’t get lovelier, sweeter, or cozier than a home wedding. I mean, who wasn’t swept away into a wedding dream world after seeing Bryan and Annie’s home wedding in the 1991 version of “Father of the Bride”?:-)Although the home wedding didn’t quite pan out for John and I, the only next best thing would be to photograph one. Alas, my dream came true with Deveryn and Bryce’s wedding at Bryce’s family home in lovely Charlottesville. When we arrived at their home, we were greeted by this adorable sign and scarecrow versions of the bride and groom.

It was a little bit of a drive up to the house, but these helpful sign posts assured us we didn’t make a wrong turn.

Once at the house, we divvied up the equipment and got right to work. I joined Deveryn and the girls as they were getting all gussied up.

I absolutely adore this hanger! What a sweet detail.

How special is it that Deveryn wore her mother’s wedding dress!? Here are their initials and wedding dates sewn onto the inside of the dress.

The beautiful bride!

Meanwhile, John was with Bryce and the boys as they were getting ready. Argyle socks. Love!

Lookin’ sharp, Bryce!

Bryce and Deveryn opening up the cards they wrote to each other.

Then it was time to get the dress on. Thankfully, Deveryn had plenty of help from her bridesmaids.


The veil and Dad’s sneak peek. I can only imagine his joy at seeing his daughter looking so radiant in the same dress he saw his own bride wearing at his wedding!

Such a sweet moment between father and daughter…

Bryce’s mother also came in to see the beautiful bride.

Meanwhile, John took Bryce outside to get some portraits of him and his groomsmen.

The whole group!

Showin’ off the socks!

I love this shot of all the boutonnieres.

Bryce and Deveryn decided that they wanted to start off their day with a first look. I am such a fan! Here is Deveryn making her way up to Bryce.

The tap on the shoulder and then the LOOK!:-)

After the first look, we had plenty of time to get some portraits of Bryce and Deveryn together and then include the bridal party. Everyone was so happy and relaxed.

Deveryn and her girls.

Deveryn, I am smitten. You are absolutely stunning!

This next series is one of my favorites…

Thanks to Lindsay Jones in Madison for Deveryn’s beautiful bouquet, as well as all of the other floral arrangements!

The ring bearer! It just doesn’t get cuter.:-)

This wedding had so many creative details!

Everyone waiting patiently inside for the ceremony to begin…

Deveryn looking out as the guests begin to arrive…

Is this arbor not incredible or what? This wedding is just chock full of DIY details. LOVE!

Deveryn and her father.

Exchanging rings…

The kiss! (my perspective)

John’s shot.

I think this is a good stopping point for today, but make sure to check back tomorrow for Part Two! The reception is a true DIY masterpiece! Same time. Same place.:-)
Un abrazo,

Allie + Adam, Part Two | Charlottesville, VA

Welcome back to Part Two of Allie and Adam’s gorgeous Charlottesville wedding. We still have so much to share from our time on the Downtown Mall and the reception at the Omni Hotel. These two are so stinkin’ sweet and they absolutely love to laugh together, which makes for such a meaningful and emotional day! I just love this first series of photos…

Guys, I love the balloons!

John and I love to use this bridge outside of Caspari for portraits. It never disappoints!!

On our little walk, Allie and Adam ran into some friends…

Back at the Omni everything was looking spectacular for the couple of the night to arrive. These beautiful arrangements of all white flowers especially caught my when I first walked in…

Yellow has definitely been the wedding color of the year. I love it!

One of my favorite moments from the wedding was watching the bridal party be introduced. They each came in to a different song and danced all the way to their seats. It was such a great way to get the party started!

Allie and Adam!!

Both Allie and Adam did a great job making sure they greeted each of their guests. Everyone was so happy to see them and to offer their congratulations to the sweet couple.

Allie and Adam’s first dance together…

Adam’s parents looking on. So sweet!

Allie and her father.

Adam and his mother.

Allie’s father was the first to toast the newly weds. He came prepared with notes!

The best man and maid of honor were up next. They both did such a great job.

We were all in stitches!

When Allie’s sweet sister started to cry, there wasn’t a dry eye in the place.

Allie’s definitely got that mischievous twinkle in her eye.


Once the cake was cut and served, everyone was ready to get on the dance floor!

Allie, you’re too cute.:-)

Allie warming up the arm before the big bouquet toss.

Adam prepping to retrieve the garter.:-)

Dancing the night away….

Allie and Adam: I can’t think of two people more perfect for each other! We were so honored to be a part of your amazing day and to celebrate with your wonderful friends and family. Stay sweet and lovely. We have no doubt that you will love and take care of each other for many, many years to come. Stay in touch!
Un abrazo,

Allie + Adam | Charlottesville, VA

Alright, I have to admit it. I have been dying to show you this wedding for six long weeks now! Actually, make that eight months, ever since we shot Allie and Adam’s engagement session at UVA last fall! So I want you to imagine the cutest couple you can think of, then multiply that by 1o0 and you have Allie and Adam. Yep. They’re that awesome. I mean Allie is just a bundle of spunk, beauty and kindness, and Adam is patient, even keeled and one of the most thoughtful people you’ll meet. Together they are force to be reckoned with!

John and I began the day with Allie and Adam at Nutmeg Farm, a gorgeous venue right in our own Albemarle County. I never ceased to be amazed by the number of incredible venues we have here in Charlottesville and the surrounding counties!

Here are a few shots that John took of Adam and the guys getting ready for the big day….

Adam and his best man.

This is one of the first shots of Allie that I got right after she arrived at the farm. Here she is passing out tissues to all her bridesmaids.:-)

Gosh, Allie, you are just absolutely stunning!

Adam with his future brother-in-law.

Allie and her girls…

Mom and daughter.:-)

So adorable, Allie!

Allie’s dress had pockets! Is that not the best idea ever!!??

Gorgeous Virginia.

How special for Allie and Adam that Adam’s grandmother could take part in the wedding.


Adam waiting patiently…

Here she comes!

What an amazing moment!

Trust me. The tears were flowing and everyone was pulling out their tissues. Even us.:-)

My shot of the kiss.

John’s perspective.

It’s official!

I loved this moment between Allie and Adam’s grandmother right after the ceremony. So sweet!

What a good looking group!

Man, I love these two shots. You guys are so cute together!

Allie being her playful self.:-)

Love this series as well!

Allie was totally game about getting in the grass for some shots. I love you, Allie B.:-)

For the last series, we used the front of the barn as our backdrop. I’m so pleased how they turned out!

Well, we made it through the most emotional part of the day intact! Make sure to check back tomorrow for Part Two, including more shots of the beautiful couple on the Downtown Mall and all of the delicious reception details!

Un abrazo,


Sylvia + Michael, Part Two | Charlottesville, VA

Welcome back to Part Two of Sylvia and Michael’s Charlottesville wedding! After the ceremony, instead of rushing off right away, everyone had the chance to grab something to drink, mingle, chat and congratulate the newly weds. What a perfect start to their new life together!

Sylvia’s gorgeous ring was hand-made by local designer, Martha Keith. As you can imagine, it was the talk of the afternoon!



I think University Florists did a great job with the bouquet!


Even the youngest guests were having fun exploring the garden.:-)


While walking through the gardens, we spotted a cherry tree full of luscious, red berries. We knew it would be the perfect prop for the ring shot!


After a lovely afternoon in the garden, the party moved to 2nd Street Gallery, an awesome art gallery on Charlottesville’s iconic Downtown Mall.


I love the potted flowers used as center pieces! They also served as great gifts for the local guests to take home.



Michael, Sylvia and their parents arriving at the venue.


While the guests were enjoying the cocktail hour, Sylvia, Michael, John and I wandered around the Downtown Mall for a while. There are just so many great places to shoot here!


The perils of wedding photography. Actually, I think it was a kissing mishap.:-)


On the Downtown Mall.


I absolutely love this next series…


The bride and groom arrive!


Check out this art work!!!


Sylvia and Michael wanted lots of shots of their food. Here’s what we got…


Michael has such a wonderful, dry sense of humor. Here he is trying to get the attention of his guests.


After dinner, the party moved to the top floor of Live Arts. It was the perfect spot to dance the night away and enjoy the view from the deck.


Donuts and toffee. It just doesn’t get better.


The first dance.


I just love this shot that John got. The joy on Sylvia’s face is undeniable.


Sylvia and Michael: John and I loved seeing the ways that you infused your personalities and loves into your wedding day. It was such a beautiful day and a perfect reflection of your relationship and the love you share for each other and your friends and family. We were so honored to be a part of it all!

Un abrazo,


Sylvia + Michael | Charlottesville, VA

Sylvia and Michael didn’t want the traditional wedding. No bridesmaids, no ring bearers, no bouquet toss. What they did want, however, was a beautiful, intimate setting where they could gather and celebrate with their closest friends and family. They wanted to be able to mingle and talk with their guests and not feel overwhelmed or harried. When they told me they were planning on having their ceremony in UVA’s Garden X, I couldn’t think of a more perfect place!

Sylvia and Michael decided that they wanted to see each other before the wedding. I can’t tell you how much I love first looks!!


I love that Sylvia decided on bright colors for her bouquet. What a great contrast!


So beautiful, Sylvia!


While I was getting shots of the bride, John took Michael around to another part of the garden for some individual portraits. Michael, you are looking quite sharp.:-)


Oh, just a typical day in the garden.:-)


This is Sylvia finding a new use for her bouquet….:-)



Michael, did you forget to eat breakfast??:-)


I absolutely love the quality of light under this porch!


I love the fresh orchids in Sylvia’s hair!


Back in Garden X, guests were beginning to arrive and take their seats. Michael and Sylvia had the opportunity to greet everyone before the ceremony began.


Michael and Sylvia walking in from opposite sides of the garden….



You may kiss the bride!!



Stay tuned for the rest of Sylvia and Michael’s Charlottesville wedding coming tomorrow on el blog. We’ve got plenty of sweet details, moments and dancing on the way!
Un abrazo,
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