Beach Puppy | Isle of Palms, SC

Greetings from the beautiful Isle of Palms, SC! John and I have been thoroughly enjoying a few days of spring vacation down here on this gorgeous island near Charleston, SC. We were especially excited to take Gus with us to show him the beach for the first time.

John’s parents have a lovely place that backs up to a lagoon. We love to go out and sit by the water’s edge and watch the wildlife. The turtles are always the first to arrive hoping that we have food for them.

There are also two resident alligators….SCARY!!!

Gus doing his best duck impression.

Chillin’ on the bed…

On our way to beach + baby egrets!!!

The minute Gus’ paws hit the sand, he took off like a rocket and started tearing it up, running back and forth like a wild, possessed puppy. It was very entertaining to watch his reaction!

It was a little windy and the water didn’t quite taste the same.:-)

It’s been a great week, but we’re excited to get back to Charlottesville and dive back into our spring wedding season!

Un abrazo,


Charlottesville Engagement | Michelle + Stephen

John has always said that if we didn’t get a havanese, we would have seriously considered getting a corgi. John’s neighbor had one growing up and he was just the cutest little guy with big, pointy ears and a sweet, friendly disposition. You can only imagine my excitement when I met up with Michelle and Stephen for their engagement session and saw them playing with their adorable, one-year-old corgi, Teddy. They even brought along a few friends to help keep him company and bribe him into smiling for the camera. I love that Michelle and Stephen taught him the Spanish word for bone, “hueso”, and they can use it at any point to get his attention. I, too, have aspirations for a bilingual puppy. I might need to start stepping up the Spanish lessons with little Gus.:-)

In terms of weather, we absolutely lucked out. It was a beautiful spring afternoon and the sun was just about to set behind the mountains. Teddy was having fun playing with his soccer ball on the grass when I walked up, so as to not disrupt the fun, I just jumped right in and started clicking away.

At one point Teddy stopped right in front of Stephen to take a breather; I’m so glad that I was able to catch the two of them together! I also love the shot of the whole family taking a Sunday stroll.:-)

Our first stop around Grounds…

Beautiful, you two!

Loving this light!!

Look who’s rockin’ the bow tie.:-)

The beautiful bride-to-be!

Michelle mentioned that she really liked the archways and columns around the University. Here’s the best of both…

All of the dogwoods were in full, perfect bloom. Seriously, folks, we couldn’t have asked for a better day!

We decided to venture into some of the gardens…


A little sass…:-)

Take a look at this tree!! (and of course the cute couple underneath it!)

Michelle and Stephen: It was wonderful meeting you both (and Teddy!) and getting to know you and your stories. Thank you for spending part of your afternoon with me. Can’t wait for the wedding in November!

Un abrazo,


Charlottesville Family Photographer | The Ainsworth Family

Celeste was my first friend at the University of Virginia. I had arrived as a transfer student my third year and I was scared to death. I didn’t really know where I lived in relationship to the campus at large, I had no idea how to get around Charlottesville (even though I had a car), and I didn’t know a soul. Thank goodness I had contacted the leaders of Chi Alpha, a Christian fellowship on Grounds, before I packed up and left San Diego for the wild unknown of central Virginia.

After a long day of lugging furniture, clothes, a mini-fridge and books into my dorm room, I was delighted to find at my door step an invitation to a Something-in-a-Mug party hosted by Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship. My first invitation! My first college party! I was then struck by the fact that I would have to venture off Grounds to find this house. It also occurred to me that I would be walking in alone without any certainty of how I would be received. But alas, I did not let my fears get the best of me, and when I arrived at the house the first person to greet me with a warm smile, open arms and a mug was Celeste. Little did we know that our friendship would continue on after graduation and that we would both go on to start businesses in wedding and portrait photography! Celeste is the fabulous owner of Celestial Sights Photography, but a few weeks ago she switched sides of the camera, as I had the privilege of photographing her and the entire Ainsworth family at the lovely King Family Vineyards.

Isn’t this place amazing?! It had been raining all morning, so the clouds were low and diffusing the light perfectly!

The Ainsworths!

This is Arianna. I don’t think there’s any question about her being the star of the show.:-)

Such proud grandparents!

Mom and daughter. Absolutely precious!

Daddy’s little girl.:-)

Such a sweet family!

Yay for aunties!!

My sweet friend, Celeste. So beautiful and talented!

Thank you, Ainsworths, for allowing me to document these moments in the life of your family. I hope these pictures bring you much joy for years and years to come!
Un abrazo,
Lynn Ainsowrth - April 7, 2012 - 5:42 pm


We viewed your awesome photos on my birthday today when John, Celeste, and Arianna came for dinner. You captured the personalities of all of us Perfectly. Thank you so much for getting us to relax, enjoy the photo session, and be ourselves for our first ever family photo. Thank you too for your promptness to get them ready for my birthday. How fun it was to share them with my kids. I just talked to Aly, in the yellow pants, who saw them and loved them too!! Your blog about meeting Celeste meant a lot to her! She is such a gem to have in our family. Happy Easter. He is risen indeed!! (You’re welcome to use any of my comments for advertising if you want.) You really have a great eye for photography, light and composition!! Happy Easter. Lynn and George

Amber Inofuentes - April 20, 2012 - 5:44 pm

Natalie – these are beautiful! I especially love the one of Celeste and Arianna, perhaps one of the best pictures I have seen of the two of them.

Life Lessons from a Pup: Lesson 3

It’s been a crazy week! Spring has officially arrived and with that a steady stream of clients wanting to take advantage of the gorgeous weather and colorful blooms. I’m so excited to share everything with you on the blog, so keep dropping by to check out our latest work!

In the midst of feeling a little overwhelmed by my to-do list, however, I was reminded by our sweet pup to take some time out to smell the flowers and soak in some good R&R. If you are a Type A personality like me, you know this is truly a lesson and not something that just comes naturally (at least not without twinges of guilt!).

Lesson 3: Learn to chill…..

…..and be in the present moment.

Un abrazo,


Life Lessons from a Pup: Lesson 2

It’s not even spring yet, but we have had a week of 80 degree weather here in Charlottesville and it’s like the whole town has gone on spring break. Our daffodils have come and gone in all of their yellow, white and orange glory, and now our azaelas are starting to bloom. It feels like June except without the stifling humidity.  :-)

If you had told me a week ago that I would be taking walks in shorts and a tank top, I would have never believed you. A week ago Monday we were sitting by the fire with snow falling outside our window. Yes, our weather has been completely bipolar. I was excited for Gus to experience his first snow, but, at the same time, I wasn’t sure how he was going to react to it. At thirteen weeks we are still very much in the throws of potty training, so consistency, consistency, consistency is our motto and the name of the game. The snow had the potential of seriously throwing off our groove.

But when nature calls, it calls, so out I went, down the steps with Gus in my arms, fearing that the progress we had made in the past fews days was about to be erased by this blanket of cold, white stuff covering our yard. I set Gus down and he immediately sank down to his chin. He let out a few whimpers but then he lifted one paw out of the snow and then set it down again. Crunch. And then the next paw. Crunch. And that was it. He took one last look back at me and John and then off he went, bounding and billowing through the collected powder.

Lesson 2: Take risks. Even when it’s cold.


Un abrazo,


A B O U T   M E