Charlottesville Wedding Photographer: Melissa + Josh, Part Two

Welcome back to the second half of Josh and Melissa’s rustic meets elegant wedding at Rodes Farm! Before we head back to the newlyweds though, let’s take a quick peek inside the barn….

Josh and Melissa love wine and they love visiting all of the awesome wineries and vineyards in and around Charlottesville. I love how they took this and incorporated it into their centerpieces!

Meanwhile the newlyweds, Josh and Melissa, were tugging at our hearts strings big time with their infectious smiles, *almost* kisses and sweet glances.

We had so much fun playing around on the swings…

The fabulous Melissa…

Is this not the quintessential fall wedding in central Virginia? The colors, the barn, the meandering path….perfection!


Love these shots in black and white!

Making their way into the barn…

…and on the dance floor for their first dance together as husband and wife.

Melissa’s dad was the first to kick off the toasts.

He was followed by all three of Melissa’s brothers, who, of course, had great stories about Melissa growing up.

Melissa’s sweet sister-in-law also offered her blessing to the newlyweds.

Josh and Melissa even had some exciting news to share…

John and I love it when all the guests head straight to the dance floor. DJ Dennis Payne did a great job and kept the party going late into the evening.

Melissa and Josh: Y’all are the perfect mixture of funny, beautiful, and romantic with a dollop of awesome on top! You are so lucky to be loved by so many incredible individuals. Never lose your warmth and generosity and never stop laughing with each other. I can’t wait to see what 2013 has in store for you two!

Un abrazo fuerte,


Charlottesville Wedding Photographer: Melissa + Josh

The first time that John and I met Melissa and Josh it was a cold January afternoon and we had driven out to Pollak Vineyards, the site of their first date, for their their engagement session. We immediately fell in love with their spunk, their generous spirits and their laid back, we’re up for anything attitudes. In fact we felt so comfortable with them that it only felt natural for us to all sit down together after the session and start chatting it up for a couple more hours over wine and appetizers.

Josh and Melissa just have this ease about their relationship. The way they look at each other, the way that Melissa smiles at Josh, the way that Josh reaches out to hold Melissa’s hand, it’s just easy and real. Maybe it’s just because they are two super cool people or because they’ve created this little world between them filled with inside jokes, gentleness and care, but all I know is that it just feels right watching the two of them together.

This is the first time we’ve shot a wedding at Rodes Farm in Nellysford, and there’s just something about the natural, rustic ambiance that John and I loved and thought fit perfectly with their style. A huge shout out to Cody from Amore Events for helping to pull together Josh and Melissa’s vision and for coordinating all the details. We loved how it all came together!

Although Josh and Melissa didn’t see each other before the wedding, John and I took these images at practically the same time (only a few seconds apart). It’s neat to see them side by side like this.

I loved watching all the little girls getting their hair done. It was so cute because they were all talking about which Disney princesses they were going to be that day.:)

Such a cutie pie!

Josh waiting patiently for Melissa to make her way down the aisle…

Love these smiles!!

My angle of the kiss.

John’s angle of the kiss. I love that we can work together as a team.:)

Take a look at this tree! The color was absolutely amazing!

A few pictures with the kiddos…

As the sun began to set all of the guests made their way down to the barn and we had this last bit of light with Josh and Melissa – my favorite part of the day!

The fun is just beginning with Josh and Melissa’s wedding so stayed tuned for Part Two coming your way on Monday with all of the sweet and charming reception details (and my favorite images of the day!) of this rustic meets elegance wedding at Rodes Farm.
Un abrazo fuerte,
Katie Bellovich Ashford - November 30, 2012 - 10:26 pm

The perfect setting for this beautiful bride! Thanks for sharing the pictures. I felt like I was there and am crying in my chair. Just gorgeous…especially the bride. =)

Helen Dangel Deist - January 16, 2013 - 7:52 pm

Beautiful pictures, you look so happy together, I can’t wait to meet your little bundle…..<3.

Charlottesville Wedding Photographer: Joy + Luther, Part Two

As the sun set over the Blue Ridge, Joy and Luther stepped outside one last time to soak in all the beauty that surrounded them. They laughed, they held each other, they kissed, they danced and they reveled in the joy of the moment. And from behind our cameras John and I captured all these little moments, like catching  fireflies on a summer’s night.  These otherwise fleeting moments, what I like to call whispers of time, are now here forever; they are no longer mere whispers but a story.

I seriously cannot get enough of this light, the colors, the rolling hills and, of course, their smiles!

Didn’t Florabella Gardens do an amazing job with these centerpieces!!?? I love the burgundy and coral dahlias!

These cupcakes by Cakes by Rachel were such a hit with all of the guests. They looked fantastic but I can also vouch for how they tasted!

Our last stop before heading inside for the reception…

Luther and Joy welcomed and thanked all of their guests before dinner was served.

A view from the balcony…

Joy’s father was the first to offer a toast to the newlyweds.

What did I tell you about grabbing another box of tissues?! Joy was crying, Luther was crying, I was crying…there wasn’t a dry eye in the place.:)

Luther’s dad was up next…

More tears…:)

Luther’s dad ended his toast by surprising Joy and Luther with a song. It was so beautiful to hear him play and we all started crying again.:)

And to finish out the toasts, Joy’s brother and sister took the stage…

….and then handed the mic over to Luther’s brother.

Seriously, people, these were some of the most thoughtful, well-written, well-executed, heartfelt toasts I’ve ever heard!

And then it was time for Joy and Luther’s first dance!

Before long everyone was up and on the dance floor!

Joy and Luther: What a *joy* you both are and what a privilege it was for John and I to be there to document your first official day as husband and wife! It was clear after meeting your families, listening to all of the toasts, and witnessing all the hugs, the tears and palpable joy in the room that y’all have impacted so many lives for the good. I have no doubt that together you will go on to do the same but times two!!
Un abrazo fuerte,

Charlottesville Wedding Photographer: Joy + Luther

There is a gentle, deep, quiet strength to the love that Joy and Luther share. It’s not showy, but it’s real. It’s not loud, but it permeates everything they do and everything they are. After photographing them on their wedding day at the ever-so-lovely Pippin Hill Farm, John and I both walked away rejuvenated, full of hope and with an abiding sense of gratitude for people in the world like Luther and Joy. And what a force for good and grace they will be as they go out into this world as husband and wife!! And because I am still reveling in post-turkey thankfulness and plenty, I couldn’t think of a better time to share these images with you.

I began the afternoon with Joy upstairs in the bridal suite. Whoever was hired to decorate this loft needs to come over to my house and give me some decorating tips. It’s like something out of a fairy tale! I was particularly struck by these black and white images of the lovely, lovely Joy…

Jeanne Cusick did a great job with Joy’s hair and make-up!

Joy, you are taking my breath away.

 Folks, this is our last First Look of 2012, and boy oh boy is it a doozie. Get your box of tissues ready!
Okay, so I had completely lost it by this point.
Once we all had composed ourselves a bit, we took advantage of this quiet little spot and the warm October light.
Both Joy and Luther have irrepressible smiles and are quick to make each other laugh. They are truly a *joy* to spend time with and to photograph!
Before the ceremony began we had a few minutes to grab some family photos….
…and then it was time for everyone to take their places.
Joy and Luther have such talented friends and family members! I love how the music was such a central part of their ceremony.
Directly after the ceremony everyone gathered around Joy and Luther to greet and congratulate them.
As guests enjoyed cocktails and appetizers on the veranda, John and I enjoyed a few more minutes hanging out with the newlyweds…
Cutest. couple. ever.
A little first dance practice before the reception…
Now don’t get too carried away with all the shopping this weekend because you need to be back here, same time, same place, for Part Two! There’s a double helping of laughs and smiles with a side of happy tears, so grab another box of tissues and meet me back here for more heartwarming, wedding goodness!
Un abrazo fuerte,

Charlottesville Wedding Photographer: Carrie + Alex, Part Two

I’m sooooooo excited to welcome y’all back to Part Two of Carrie and Alex’s lovely wedding at the Clifton Inn. Not only did we have the perfect fall day, but the whole atmosphere was as peaceful and joyful as their sweet relationship. The folks at Clifton are so awesome to work with, so here’s a shout out to all the staff for doing such a great job! Before we head back to the sweet newlyweds, however, here’s a sneak peak at what was awaiting us inside…

Out on the front lawn, family portraits were well under way…

Didn’t Floral Images do an amazing job with these bouquets!!

The lovely, lovely Carrie.

These girls were so much fun!!

Once everyone had made their way down to the cocktail hour, Alex, Carrie and I had a few more minutes to soak in the magic hour light.

Meanwhile, guests were enjoying cocktails and appetizers poolside…

All eyes turned to Carrie and Alex as they made their grand entrance.

Back inside, Carrie’s father was the first to offer a toast to the newlyweds.

Alex and Carrie’s first dance as husband and wife!

Carrie was so cute. She seriously could not stop laughing the entire time she was dancing with her dad. One thing’s for sure, we had no trouble getting pictures of them smiling!

Alex’s brother was the first to kick off the toasts…and lots of laughs…

…followed by Carrie’s sister’s heartfelt toast.

 Once Night Vision hit the stage, everyone was up on their feet dancing the night away!

At one point Carrie and Alex were showered with gold coins. I thought this shot turned out pretty neat!

Carrie and Alex: Congratulations you two! Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your special day and for showing your true selves. I hope that whenever you see these pictures you will be reminded of this day, your love for each other and God’s faithfulness.
Un abrazo fuerte,
Lisa Warburton-Gregory - November 20, 2012 - 3:37 am

love these pictures….

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