Conger Classic 2012 | Isle of Palms, SC

What do you get when you combine thirty people, kayak fishing, oyster roasting, a little trash talkin’, multiple games of Carcassone and two kegs of home brew? The one and only Conger Fishing Classic, of course! As promised, I am back today to give you a full report from the 9th annual Conger Classic at the Isle of Palms near Charleston, SC. Every year a handful of my husband’s aunts, uncles, cousins and their significant others and children all convene together on this island to battle it out with rod and bait for the winning fish and the glory of being the next Conger Classic champion.

After four years of participating and no trophy in my name, I was really hoping that this might have been my year. Unfortunately the fish were just not biting. No, seriously. Every person came back empty handed.:(I was starting to take it personally but once I found out that we were all skunked by those cold blooded, gill-bearing creatures, I didn’t feel so bad. But as you’ll see from our group shot, it takes more than a bunch of wily fish to get us down….

Watch out fish. Next year it’s game on.:)

Un abrazo fuerte,


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