Charlottesville Wedding: Allison + Tim

Have you ever met someone so generous, so thoughtful, so positive and genuine that you immediately felt at home around them? Not only did you feel at home, but you wanted be around them. Maybe you even contemplated working up the courage to ask them to be your friend. It doesn’t happen too often, but when it does, it’s so sweet, and you can’t help but want to start hugging random people. This is a slice of what I experienced when I first met Allison. We connected right off the bat, and I just knew that Tim would be just as sweet and that shooting their wedding would be something special. And it was.

The afternoon started off with Allison getting ready in the coach room at the beautiful and stately Boar’s Head Inn. Excitement and anticipation filled the air as bridesmaids and family began to pour into the dressing room. Allison, in true fashion, lit up with excitement upon seeing each person, offering hugs and champagne all around.

The dress! I love the lace.

Ali is really talented when it comes to make-up. Here she is helping her mom glam it up.

I just love the captured emotion of this next picture. Ali is reacting to seeing her bouquet for the first time. Precious!

Meanwhile, John was with the guys as they were getting ready.

Oh, Tim, you’re just so GQ.
Once Ali and her girls were ready we ventured outside for some group shots. Question. How is it that everyone looks like they just walked off a Miami beach?! I seriously was the palest person at the wedding. No joke. Ladies, you really are rocking those pink dresses.
Sweet girls.:-)
All the moms.:-) This is John’s angle, which I actually like better than my own (below). That’s why I pay him the big bucks. 😉
Work it girls.
These next two are precious…

Stunning. Ali, you are gorgeous.

So as much as I hate to leave you hanging at this point, I’m going to have to sign off for today. I promise there is much more to come. I know you’re probably feeling the same way I feel when FOX decides to take a commercial break right before the judges announce America’s favorite dancer (So You Think You Can Dance), but I’m wanting to build up the suspense a bit. I promise your patience will be rewarded. One dreamy lakeside ceremony with a side of sunset coming up!
Un abrazo,

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