San Diego, CA

I am a beach person. So I’ve been told,  you’re either a beach person or a mountain person, and I am definitely a beach person. Not that I have anything against the mountains, but there’s something about the salt air, the calming rhythm of rolling waves, and the beautiful sunsets/sunrises that call my name no matter where I am. Growing up in San Diego, I took for granted living and going to school only miles from the beach. Now that I live three hours from it, I savor the times when I can come back home and enjoy the beach weather and lifestyle. John and I have filled our days wine tasting in Temecula, hitting up our favorite cafes and restaurants (Swami’s Cafe, Thyme in the Ranch, En Fuego, and Pannikin to name a few), watching the World Cup (Go Spain!!), relishing my mom’s amazing cooking, and spending time at the beach.

One of our goals for this trip was to get John out on a surf board. He’s been asking since his first trip out here in 2006. My dad grew up surfing at Huntington Beach, so he said he would go out and help John get up on the board. For those of you who have never tried surfing, let me just tell you, it is a major workout. It requires insane determination because for your first few times, you are pummeled by waves and it just feels like a losing battle. John did great though. He was a real champ. I told him that his goal should be just to ride the board in on his stomach, but he actually managed to stand all the way up! Unfortunately I was so excited I forgot to take a picture!

Here are a few before John hit the surf….

And he’s off!!! Unlike the Atlantic, the Pacific is notoriously cold. We’ve had particularly chilly days for July, so a wetsuit was definitely a must.

Here’s my dad testing out the water for the first time. Can we say cold? (It actually wasn’t that cold, but he definitely likes to play it up.)

John and I hope that you had a great 4th of July and are enjoying the summer months. We’ll be home soon and have a beautiful Charlottesville wedding to show off. Stay tuned!

Un abrazo,


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