California dreamin’

That’s right, friends. After nine years of calling Charlottesville home, John and I are now California residents! We have boxed up our winter coats and are more than ready to soak in 365 days of seventy-two degree weather! I know. Don’t hate. Come visit!

Although we have been toying with the idea of moving to San Diego (my hometown) for a few years now, the timing just was never quite right. But a few months back, John was offered a position at UCSD (really, his dream job), and now we’re signing up for surf lessons and trying to work on our tans. John, by the way, will be much more successful with this venture. I will merely succeed at covering my body with more freckles and risk getting skin cancer, so, truth be told, I’ll be the the girl you see on the beach with the hat, sunglasses and t-shirt getting out of the water every hour to reapply her SPF 200.

And I want to reassure all of my lovely east coast brides, who if they are reading this, are by now starting to have heart palpitations, I did not abandon you for the sun and surf. I will be living in Charlottesville from mid-September through mid-November so that I can finish out my fall wedding season. I can’t wait! My plan is to split my time between both coasts, so don’t think because we’re out here we wouldn’t hop on a plane in a heartbeat for your wedding!

And because all posts are better with pictures, here’s a shot of our new backyard. Next time I post this shot, I hope to have Gus up on a surfboard riding one of these bad boys. I mean, really, can’t you see it? 😉

Happy Friday!

Un abrazo fuerte,

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