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Let me begin with a small disclaimer about this wedding: I am completely biased. I admit it, but because this is my one and only sister we’re talking about, I’m letting myself off the hook, just this once. You are in for a real treat because this wedding is drop. dead. gorgeous. (and so is the bride), but bear with me because you’re probably going to see an obnoxious amount of THIS, this and this.:)

One of the first things that stood out to me as I was first getting to know Juliana and Kyle as a couple is that they both wear their hearts on their sleeves. I love that there are no pretenses with them. There’s no guess work. There are no secrets. Both of them are raw and real with their emotions, and pretty much what you see is what you get.

Kyle is patient and true. He has a heart the size of the Grand Canyon and, time after time, I see him putting the needs of others in front of his own. Juliana is warmth and compassion. She’s a ball of fire, she’s a gust of ocean wind. She rejoices with you when you are rejoicing, she weeps with you when you are weeping. Together they will be unstoppable and a force for good in the world.

Since the wedding, many have asked who did the photography. Well, seeing that I’m the one writing the blog post, I think you know the answer to that question. And, yes, in case you’re wondering, the typical response I do get is one of disbelief (insert lots of head scratching, jaws dropping, and eyes widening), but I know that I know that I know that I was supposed to photograph my sister’s wedding. Yes, there were a whole new set of challenges. Oh, like, shooting in heels and a dress that didn’t allow me to take longer than 4 inch strides, determining if I can carry a bouquet and camera at the same time, and knowing my own limitations. Speaking of limitations…I never could have single-handedly done this. Thank the sweet Lord in heaven for my amazing husband who was by my side the whole day and did a lion’s share of the shooting.

But enough from me now….enjoy the wedding. It was truly magical.

Juliana and her girls started off the day getting ready at La Valencia Hotel in downtown La Jolla.

Flora and Aurora with Flora Wade did an amazing job with everyone’s hair and make-up.

The bride enjoying her view of La Jolla from the balcony.

 A little bling…

Each one of the bridesmaids received one of these sweet Encinitas bags. Love the hometown touches!

When Juliana tried this dress on at M Bride in La Jolla, we all knew it was the one.

Father of the bride. Love you, dad.:)

Sigh…..Ju, you know you’re stunning, right!?

Fabulous? Check.

Downstairs, John was positioned just right to catch the guys making their way over to the hotel.

Kyle, you look so darn handsome!!

And the dress is on…

Team Juliana! (minus the one behind the camera)

I love that Juliana and Kyle opted to do a First Look.

We had Kyle close his eyes and promise not to peek.:)

LOVE these two! What did I tell you? Heart on sleeve.

I just love how the ocean breeze kept picking up Juliana’s dress.

Love this next series…

Thank you to Exquisite Blooms for these gorgeous peonies. They truly are exquisite!

Once we arrived at Scripps Seaside Forum, we had a little bit more time for pictures before the ceremony began.

Nice work, girls.

Hats off to John for all of the ceremony detail shots!

Not a bad view.

Officially official!!!

Make sure to check back tomorrow for Part Two of Juliana and Kyle’s stunning, seaside wedding. There will be romance, laughter, style and, of course, cake, flowers and fun! Guaranteed to brighten your day and, hey, maybe even your week.:-)

Un abrazo fuerte,



Wedding Photography : Natalie Bell Photography | Ceremony Location : Scripps Seaside Forum| Reception Location : Scripps Seaside Forum| Event Coordinator : Events by Elisa | Floral Design : Exquisite Blooms | Cakes : Thyme in the Ranch | Dress: Ines di Santo | Make-Up and Hair : Flora Wade | DJ : E. Starr Entertainment | Caterer : Culinary Concepts

Beth - June 25, 2012 - 2:40 pm

As I was taking a quick Facebook break at work (shhh! don’t tell!), I saw that you had posted some photos from Kyle & Juliana’s wedding, Natalie. So of course I hurried up over to the blog. I had no doubt the pictures were going to be awesome, but WOW! They are AMAZING! Beautiful, beautiful job!! I was so honored to be a part of the Rehrigs’ special day, and I’m so glad to have these beautiful pictures to remember it by.

Kyle & Juliana - June 25, 2012 - 10:52 pm

FANTASTIC! FABULOUS! Natalie & John, thank you so much for capturing our day so well. It truly has made us re-live the day in the best way. We are so thankful to have such talented siblings:) We love you! Can’t WAIT for part II.

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