Charlottesville Engagement | Jess + Mark

For those of us fortunate enough to call Charlottesville home, the University of Virginia is, in my opinion, one of its finest assets. Not only is it a highly respected academic institution attracting scholars from all over the world, but it also boasts one of the prettiest campuses, both in terms of architecture and flora. In terms of my business it is, by far, one of the most highly requested locations for taking portraits. John and I took our engagement pictures there, and I continue to shoot there almost every week whether it’s with an engaged couple, a family or for a wedding at the Chapel.:-)

I especially love when Virginia graduates come back and want to document their love where it all started. We all have a different story, but the University unites us all. It might have all started at a Virginia soccer game or maybe he spotted her studying away at the Starbucks on the Corner or maybe, just maybe, it all started at a spaghetti dinner during the fall of their fourth year….

Meet Jess and Mark! Both graduated from UVa and will be getting married in town at the end of June. We had a great time getting to know them and hearing about how they met.

I love this spot in front of the Rotunda with Mr. Jefferson lookin’ all stately in the background. When, oh when, will they remove the black fabric from the columns though??

Hangin’ out on the Rotunda steps…

Kissing amongst the tulips…love doesn’t get any sweeter!

Mark and Jess are so cute together. They have an ease about them and between them that is just so lovely to photograph.

I love this one that John got with the Rotunda presiding in the background.

Queen Jess.:-)

Ahhhhh….love this!

A walk in the garden…

 Jess and Mark: We’re so glad that y’all were able to come down for the day! It was great meeting you both, and John and I can’t wait for more good times in June! All the best to you both as you round the corner to your wedding day!

Un abrazo,


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