No ordinary thing

I have learned not to take love for granted. It’s an ever-present temptation as a wedding photographer to think that love happens everyday because we’re with engaged and married couples all of the time, but I know from my own life and from walking alongside friends and family members that love is no ordinary thing. Real love, the kind that goes beyond feelings and makes the hard choices, is so beautiful, but it’s not easy or gushy. Relationships need to exist within community because we need that support. We need people who we can trust to speak into our lives and to gently nudge us when we are being driven by fear or when we need to put self aside and choose the good of another.

Every engagement is a miracle because here are two people who could have gone separate ways and lived for themselves, for their own whims and desires, but they choose not to. They choose the path of love which will, at times, mean putting aside what they want for the good of the other. It’s an extraordinary thing!

That is why when I ran into David and Kristina at the Rotunda while shooting Jess and Mark’s engagement session (don’t worry – I’ll be posting their pics soon!), I had to stop and document the moment. David had just proposed to Kristina minutes before we arrived, and of course, she said yes! David sure did it up right with roses, champagne, and my favorite, a game of Scrabble!

Congratulations, you two! Enjoy this season and all the best to you both as start planning your wedding!

Un abrazo,


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