Beach Puppy | Isle of Palms, SC

Greetings from the beautiful Isle of Palms, SC! John and I have been thoroughly enjoying a few days of spring vacation down here on this gorgeous island near Charleston, SC. We were especially excited to take Gus with us to show him the beach for the first time.

John’s parents have a lovely place that backs up to a lagoon. We love to go out and sit by the water’s edge and watch the wildlife. The turtles are always the first to arrive hoping that we have food for them.

There are also two resident alligators….SCARY!!!

Gus doing his best duck impression.

Chillin’ on the bed…

On our way to beach + baby egrets!!!

The minute Gus’ paws hit the sand, he took off like a rocket and started tearing it up, running back and forth like a wild, possessed puppy. It was very entertaining to watch his reaction!

It was a little windy and the water didn’t quite taste the same.:-)

It’s been a great week, but we’re excited to get back to Charlottesville and dive back into our spring wedding season!

Un abrazo,


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