Charlottesville Engagement | Michelle + Stephen

John has always said that if we didn’t get a havanese, we would have seriously considered getting a corgi. John’s neighbor had one growing up and he was just the cutest little guy with big, pointy ears and a sweet, friendly disposition. You can only imagine my excitement when I met up with Michelle and Stephen for their engagement session and saw them playing with their adorable, one-year-old corgi, Teddy. They even brought along a few friends to help keep him company and bribe him into smiling for the camera. I love that Michelle and Stephen taught him the Spanish word for bone, “hueso”, and they can use it at any point to get his attention. I, too, have aspirations for a bilingual puppy. I might need to start stepping up the Spanish lessons with little Gus.:-)

In terms of weather, we absolutely lucked out. It was a beautiful spring afternoon and the sun was just about to set behind the mountains. Teddy was having fun playing with his soccer ball on the grass when I walked up, so as to not disrupt the fun, I just jumped right in and started clicking away.

At one point Teddy stopped right in front of Stephen to take a breather; I’m so glad that I was able to catch the two of them together! I also love the shot of the whole family taking a Sunday stroll.:-)

Our first stop around Grounds…

Beautiful, you two!

Loving this light!!

Look who’s rockin’ the bow tie.:-)

The beautiful bride-to-be!

Michelle mentioned that she really liked the archways and columns around the University. Here’s the best of both…

All of the dogwoods were in full, perfect bloom. Seriously, folks, we couldn’t have asked for a better day!

We decided to venture into some of the gardens…


A little sass…:-)

Take a look at this tree!! (and of course the cute couple underneath it!)

Michelle and Stephen: It was wonderful meeting you both (and Teddy!) and getting to know you and your stories. Thank you for spending part of your afternoon with me. Can’t wait for the wedding in November!

Un abrazo,


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