Life Lessons from a Pup: Lesson 2

It’s not even spring yet, but we have had a week of 80 degree weather here in Charlottesville and it’s like the whole town has gone on spring break. Our daffodils have come and gone in all of their yellow, white and orange glory, and now our azaelas are starting to bloom. It feels like June except without the stifling humidity.  :-)

If you had told me a week ago that I would be taking walks in shorts and a tank top, I would have never believed you. A week ago Monday we were sitting by the fire with snow falling outside our window. Yes, our weather has been completely bipolar. I was excited for Gus to experience his first snow, but, at the same time, I wasn’t sure how he was going to react to it. At thirteen weeks we are still very much in the throws of potty training, so consistency, consistency, consistency is our motto and the name of the game. The snow had the potential of seriously throwing off our groove.

But when nature calls, it calls, so out I went, down the steps with Gus in my arms, fearing that the progress we had made in the past fews days was about to be erased by this blanket of cold, white stuff covering our yard. I set Gus down and he immediately sank down to his chin. He let out a few whimpers but then he lifted one paw out of the snow and then set it down again. Crunch. And then the next paw. Crunch. And that was it. He took one last look back at me and John and then off he went, bounding and billowing through the collected powder.

Lesson 2: Take risks. Even when it’s cold.


Un abrazo,


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