Gustavo “Gus” Bell

John and I are overjoyed to announce the newest member of our family: Gustavo “Gus” Bell! He is just the cutest bundle of fur and fun, and we are so excited to be puppy parents. On Tuesday I flew out to Kansas City to pick him up (might I also add that this was just after taking a red eye back from San Diego – crazy, I know!)

Now I can probably guess what you’re thinking, and yes, we do recognize that if we are flying to pick up our dog, we also might be tempted to send out birth announcements and Christmas cards where we’re all dressed up in matching sweaters. Don’t worry, we’re coming to terms with this.:-)

But to commemorate Gus turning ten weeks yesterday, we took him outside for his first photo shoot. Let me tell you, if we’re able to master puppy photography, we’ll be able to do anything. You want pictures of your 2 year-old triplets? Bring it on.:-)

We started off in the backyard because our daffodils are starting to bloom and we thought it would be cute to get some shots of Gus amongst the flowers. What we didn’t anticipate was that once we dropped him in the leaves he would take off running back and forth and in perpetual circles like a wild banshee puppy. As you can see, we had to let the whole daffodil thing go.

We did, however, manage to catch him hiding behind the snowdrops.

Gus and Mommy!

Gus and Daddy!

I absolutely love the shot on the left. My two handsome boys!

Exploring the side yard…

Oh life with a puppy. Yes, he’s chewing on everything and is far from potty trained, but he is just all play and so curious about everything.:-)What about you? Do you have pets? What is your favorite part of being a pet owner? We’re new at this, so any advice you have to offer would be much appreciated! Have a great weekend!

Un abrazo,

Natalie, John + Gus

Nancy Bell - February 24, 2012 - 5:00 pm

Absolutely adorable and awesome!We are soooo happy about our new “grand-dog”! Get the feeling you are, too!!! Give Gus a hug!

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