Standardsville Wedding: Anna + Patrick (Part II)

Well, as promised, I’m back with more pictures from Anna and Patrick’s beautiful Lydia Mountain wedding.

So let’s start off with some shots of the boys….

So if you look closely, you can even see the gnats flying around! (Random, I know, but Patrick was very curious whether I would be able to capture them or not.)

So, I know this is shameless, but I can’t help but give a little shout out to my awesome husband. Oh sigh. I love him so.

Here are the lovely ladies….

Out for a stroll….

After the ceremony, I grabbed Anna and Patrick for some portraits of just the two of them. They were so sweet to watch, just soaking up the awesome reality that two had become one. So here’s the moment you’ve been waiting for….introducing husband and wife!!

Yay for grandparents!

The whole group!

After the ceremony we compiled all of the flowers together to make one giant bouquet. And of course everyone took turns holding it….

Patrick and Anna being introduced for the first time as husband and wife!!

And then the dancing began in all its glory… I have to thank my friend, Katherine Vance, for helping with these shots!

This is such a sweet shot of Anna’s dad giving his daughter over to Patrick. Wow! What a powerful moment.

Then Anna’s grandfather cut it….:-)

And then we all joined in for a show-stopping performance of the Virginia Reel.

Ah. Pretty girls!

And then the toasts began.

Wow. So I thought I would be able to get everything in two parts, but it looks like I’m going to have a part three as well. Be sure to stay tuned. You definitely don’t want to miss this pie cutting.:-)

Un abrazo,


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