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Home weddings. Sigh. It just doesn’t get lovelier, sweeter, or cozier than a home wedding. I mean, who wasn’t swept away into a wedding dream world after seeing Bryan and Annie’s home wedding in the 1991 version of “Father of the Bride”?:-)Although the home wedding didn’t quite pan out for John and I, the only next best thing would be to photograph one. Alas, my dream came true with Deveryn and Bryce’s wedding at Bryce’s family home in lovely Charlottesville. When we arrived at their home, we were greeted by this adorable sign and scarecrow versions of the bride and groom.

It was a little bit of a drive up to the house, but these helpful sign posts assured us we didn’t make a wrong turn.

Once at the house, we divvied up the equipment and got right to work. I joined Deveryn and the girls as they were getting all gussied up.

I absolutely adore this hanger! What a sweet detail.

How special is it that Deveryn wore her mother’s wedding dress!? Here are their initials and wedding dates sewn onto the inside of the dress.

The beautiful bride!

Meanwhile, John was with Bryce and the boys as they were getting ready. Argyle socks. Love!

Lookin’ sharp, Bryce!

Bryce and Deveryn opening up the cards they wrote to each other.

Then it was time to get the dress on. Thankfully, Deveryn had plenty of help from her bridesmaids.


The veil and Dad’s sneak peek. I can only imagine his joy at seeing his daughter looking so radiant in the same dress he saw his own bride wearing at his wedding!

Such a sweet moment between father and daughter…

Bryce’s mother also came in to see the beautiful bride.

Meanwhile, John took Bryce outside to get some portraits of him and his groomsmen.

The whole group!

Showin’ off the socks!

I love this shot of all the boutonnieres.

Bryce and Deveryn decided that they wanted to start off their day with a first look. I am such a fan! Here is Deveryn making her way up to Bryce.

The tap on the shoulder and then the LOOK!:-)

After the first look, we had plenty of time to get some portraits of Bryce and Deveryn together and then include the bridal party. Everyone was so happy and relaxed.

Deveryn and her girls.

Deveryn, I am smitten. You are absolutely stunning!

This next series is one of my favorites…

Thanks to Lindsay Jones in Madison for Deveryn’s beautiful bouquet, as well as all of the other floral arrangements!

The ring bearer! It just doesn’t get cuter.:-)

This wedding had so many creative details!

Everyone waiting patiently inside for the ceremony to begin…

Deveryn looking out as the guests begin to arrive…

Is this arbor not incredible or what? This wedding is just chock full of DIY details. LOVE!

Deveryn and her father.

Exchanging rings…

The kiss! (my perspective)

John’s shot.

I think this is a good stopping point for today, but make sure to check back tomorrow for Part Two! The reception is a true DIY masterpiece! Same time. Same place.:-)
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