Charlottesville Engagement: Anna + Patrick

The last day of clinic was winding down at L’Eglise Baptiste Siloe in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. All Anna knew was that there was going to be a party for the Haitian health workers and American volunteers before they parted ways the next day. However, behind the scenes, Patrick had something else up his sleeve! Before Anna knew it, Patrick was in front of her on his knees, asking her to marry him. And of course, with hugs and kisses on top, she said yes.:-)

Now for most of you, popping the question in Haiti, seems like one of the most unlikely places, but for Anna, there really wasn’t a more perfect place. Anna has been visiting the same church and clinic in Haiti since she was two years old. In the last few years, she has developed a program to train health workers to care for and monitor the health and well-being of the people in their community. It is truly remarkable work and a testimony of God’s love and faithfulness.

On top of all of this, John and I are blessed to call Anna and Patrick friends. Dear friends. John and Patrick have been friends since middle school, and Anna and I became close friends while we lived as roommates after college. We are so excited for this couple – they are amazing, and even that is an understatement.

So last Saturday we headed over to the UVA Grounds and Gardens for Anna and Patrick’s engagement session. These Gardens are some of the most beautiful I’ve seen, especially in the spring. In fact, this is where John and I had our engagement pictures taken. So we just garden hopped and had a great time hanging out, talking and shooting!

Oh, and so I also failed to mention that both Anna and Patrick are undiscovered J.Crew models!

The next garden we went to had these beautiful irises in bloom. Although Patrick claims to be shy and self-conscious in front of the camera, we are not so convinced. You can’t fool us, Patrick. We know you’re a total ham!!

Okay, now for reals.

For this next series we headed over to this great climbing tree next to the Rotunda. Both Patrick and Anna love spending time outdoors, so this was a perfect spot to get some shots of them. Are they not the cutest couple, or what!? I can’t wait for their wedding later this month!

Don’t ask me what Patrick is doing here.

I know I left you hoping for more Patrick and Anna adorableness, and guess what, you’re in luck! This is only Part I. Check back in a few days for the second series.

Un abrazo,


Jeannine Reese Novak - May 10, 2010 - 11:43 pm

Our favorite is the pic fourth from the bottom.
Happy Day!

Peggy LaRochelle - May 12, 2010 - 2:00 pm

These are the best. Natalie, you’re amazing!!Waiting for the 2nd installment…

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