Ellen, John Beckett and Meredith | Charlottesville, VA

Well today I have a little pre-Christmas surprise for you! Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of spending some time with some good friends of ours. Before John and I were married, I lived with some friends and got to know this dear couple and their four adorable kids who lived across the street from us. It was great to visit and catch up with them, and even though two members of the family were not present, I did get some great shots of these three.

The two youngest: John Beckett (6) and Meredith (3)

I love this…John looking slightly bewildered.

Oh my goodness, Meredith. I could just take you home. Or give you a big squeeze. How about both!:-)

Here’s Mom about to tickle Meredith’s feet…

Of course the kids wanted to show me their stockings.

Here’s big sister, Ellen. She is 11 going on 25. While taking some portraits of her she was sharing with me her thoughts about the cholera outbreak in Haiti. No kidding.

Here’s Meredith deciding that it’s Ellen’s turn to be tickled. So cute!

Nothing like cute kiddos to brighten your day! Merry Christmas and happy Thursday!!

Un abrazo,


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