Charlottesville Portrait Session: Little Women (Part I)

So a few months ago I was approached by the librarian of The Covenant School about doing a photo shoot to promote reading at the school. She wanted to feature some of the girls in her book club reading some of their favorite books and then create posters to put up around the library. Let’s just say I took this idea and ran. I immediately thought that The Boar’s Head, with its sweeping willow tree, bench swings and garden paths, would be the perfect backdrop. So we went totally Jane Austen, with a little Nancy Drew and Scarlett O’Hara thrown in the mix.  I had so much fun hanging out with these sweet girls, and can’t wait to see the amazing plans God has for them in the future.

Mi Hae – no one has ever looked more lovely reading Watership Down!

Jenna – you are truly the belle of the ball!

Brittany – I love these two pictures together. Your little pout is to die for!

Sweet Lina – You look stunning in this dress. You also make for the perfect swooning maiden!

A little stroll along the garden wall…

As much as the wind was wreaking havoc with our hair, here it actually worked in our favor!. I love how the picture on the right was caught just as the wind brushed across Jenna’s dress.

Mi Hae – I can’t believe how your dress matches perfectly with the azaleas behind you. So beautiful!

Soft, warm lighting. Check. Gorgeous weather. Check. A lovely Lina who just happens to be walking in a beautiful garden reading a book. 😉 Check!

Simply stunning, Brittany!

I just love this next series with the parasols. Don’t they look elegant!?

Now for the Spanish “princesa” series. I’m thinking we need to bring fans back in style. I mean, what’s not to love!!??

Ladies, You are gems. Cyber friends, Get excited because I still have Part 2 to post. More loveliness to come!

Un abrazo,


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