Morgan + Michael, Part Two | Charlottesville, VA

Welcome back to Part Two of Morgan and Michael’s engagement session! First order of business was to do a quick outfit change and then to head over to the Downtown Mall. The second order of business, however, was to get so excited about Morgan’s sweater and the light pouring in under the Rotunda that we had to stop for a few shots…

What I love about Charlottesville’s Downtown Mall is that there are so many colors and textures and beautiful light that pours into the alley ways. I am never at a loss for interesting shooting locations.

Down another side street….

One of Michael’s requests was to get some pictures with the canons in Court Square. I especially love that Morgan is coordinating perfectly with the canon.

Beautiful, you guys.

Before wrapping up the session, Morgan and Michael did a quick change into their college t-shirts. There’s a very sweet twist though. Instead of wearing the shirt from their own alma mater, they wore the shirt from each other’s alma mater. I think this is a beautiful picture of what marriage is about. In marriage we are called to not only care about the things we care about, but, more importantly, to delight in the other and in what the other delights in. Great thought, you two!


Morgan and Michael: June cannot come fast enough! We had such a wonderful time with you two, and we can’t wait for the wedding! Until then, take good care of each other.:-)

Un abrazo,


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