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It was a classic, barista set-up. Zayne and Heidi, both frequent customers at a local, Alabama coffee shop, were first introduced thanks to the match making skills of a few of the coffee shop employees. At first they were both skeptical. Will it be awkward? What will he think? What will I say to her? But I think these baristas just had a hunch. And they were right. Heidi and Zayne have been together ever since, and it was obvious to both John and I that they share a deep and lasting love for each other.

Their wedding, which took place at Belle Isle State Park in Lancaster, VA, was a true DIY masterpiece. Heidi is a book binder and is just naturally creative and crafty. She designed and coordinated the wedding from the bottom up – ¬†from the handmade tissue paper flowers strung from the tent, to all the apple-themed center pieces and invitations – there wasn’t a detail left unattended to.

Including her to die for bouquet…friends it just doesn’t get better than this…

Heidi had her dress hand made by an Etsy designer. Raw silk and feather-tipped flats. LOVE!

Take a good look at these beauties…

This is the colonial house situated on the Belle Isle State Park property. This is a fully-furnished house with picturesque grounds and a killer view of the Rapphannock River.

The beautiful bride!

Zayne and Heidi decided to see each other before the wedding so that they could have some time together before all the guests arrived. I think that this is a great option for couples because it gives them a chance to have an intimate moment together, a chance to stop and really be present to the moment and to each other before guests arrive and before the whole pace of the day picks up.

Zayne and Heidi – you both are a perfect match.

We just loved watching the way the Zayne could make Heidi smile and laugh.:-)

After we took some shots around the house, we wandered down to the dock to take some pictures by the water.

Zayne and Heidi couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful, autumn day in Virginia.

Back in the house, Heidi was greeted by some of her guests and helped her mom and brother fasten their boutonnieres. I can’t get over these hot pink walls!

Heidi, you look absolutely fabulous!

Waiting for the ceremony to begin…

Mr. and Mrs.!!!

As you probably suspected, there is most definitely going to be a Part II! Check back soon!

Un abrazo,


Heidi - November 22, 2010 - 10:07 pm

Natalie & John — These photos are awesome! Thank you so much for capturing the day so beautifully!

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