Charlottesville Portrait Session: The Ogborne sisters

I can remember when my parents celebrated their 25th anniversary. I had just transferred to UVA from California, and I was terribly homesick and really wondering why I was, yet again, pushing myself entirely out of my comfort zone. I was so absorbed in my own world of doing well in my classes, trying to find a friend and hoping that cute, running boy would notice me that, ashamedly, I don’t even remember what I gave my parents. Make that if I gave them something. Now that I am married, I have much more of an appreciation of twenty five years and the commitment, forgiveness and compassion that marriage asks of us. I hope that when John and I celebrate our 25th anniversary we can look back and be thankful for both the joys and the challenges that marriage offered us.

And speaking of anniversaries, what could be a better 25th anniversary gift for parents than a portrait of their children?! I know. Pretty awesome. I wish I had thought of this idea, but I can’t take credit. It all began when Samantha, Alex and Rebecca contacted me a few weeks back asking if I could get some shots of them as a surprise gift for their parents.

So we decided on Ash Lawn-Highland, braved the crazy Carter’s Mountain traffic, and had an awesome time on this beautiful fall day.

Now for a little hat action. Alex, Rebecca and Samantha were explaining to me that their mom gives them each a hat every Christmas, so they brought some hats along in honor of her. So thoughtful and so cute!

Ladies, I love your choice of colors.

Alex, Rebecca and Samantha: I had such a great time with you all! I know your parents will be so touched by these pictures and your thoughtfulness. They are lucky to have daughters like you three!

Un abrazo,


mom - October 27, 2010 - 12:11 pm

OK, these three are too cute! I love the last one on the fencepost….the hats are adorable. What to choose? Just one? Impossible. Maybe they could create a collage of pictures, PB frames, and there you go.
Could we take our Xmas picture at the beach, or some awesome spot in SD? We have to plan ahead with the family. Let’s talk about.

Love, MOM

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