Crozet Wedding: Gennie + Chris

I am so excited to be blogging on this beautiful, fall Saturday morning. I’m sitting at our new kitchen table with a cup of Irish breakfast tea, looking out at our backyard, watching the squirrels nibble on acorns and jump fearlessly from tree to tree.  I typically save weekends just for shooting, but I just couldn’t wait any longer to show you some of these images from Gennie and Chris’ beautiful wedding at Montfair Resort Farms.

Gennie and Chris just have this ease about their relationship. The way they look at each other, the way that Gennie smiles at Chris, the way Chris reaches out to hold Gennie’s hand, it’s just easy and real. Maybe it’s because they have known each other since kindergarden or because they’ve created this little world between them filled with inside jokes, gentleness and care, but all I know is that it just feels right watching the two of them together.

This is the first time we’ve shot a wedding at Montfair Resort Farms, and there’s just something about the natural, rustic ambiance that John and I loved and thought fit perfectly with Chris and Gennie’s overall wedding style.

Isn’t Gennie the cutest bride, or what?!

This is the breathtaking view from the back porch of the reception lodge. I mean who wouldn’t want to get married here??!!

What is it about bustles?? Gennie’s bustle was being particularly stubborn, but she was in good hands. Her bridesmaids were determined to win the battle!

Chris and his guys lookin’ so sharp.

Gennie, you are absolutely stunning!

I love the bright colors Gennie chose for her girls and the coordinating polos for the guys!

I just loved the look of these lanterns hanging from the trees. I thought it would be a great spot of some portraits of Gennie and her girls. And once we got down there we discovered this great light…

Gennie and I both loved the look of this old barn door, and she gives it the perfect feminine touch!

Check back soon for the rest of Gennie and Chris’ fabulous Montfair Farms wedding, full of details and dancing! Have a great weekend!

Un abrazo,


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