Summer on Marcheta Street | Encinitas, CA

With the official start of summer only a few days away, we are starting to notice some welcome changes to our little neighborhood. We love the longer, warmer days and the opportunity to start up the BBQ and eat outside. The neighborhood kids are riding by on their skateboards and bicycles on their way to the beach. The flowers are in full bloom and the supermarkets are starting to burst at the seams with peaches, watermelons, apricots and cherries. Yum!!

Another plus is that the ocean water is starting to get warm enough that John doesn’t have to wear his wetsuit when he goes surfing. Added bonus – he might even be able to talk his wife into joining him on her boogie board:)

The closest Gus will probably ever get to being a surf puppy….

How do you celebrate the start of summer? What sights, foods, activities and memories mark this glorious season for you? Hope that you are enjoying these months to their fullest wherever you might be!

Un abrazo fuerte,


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