Richmond Engagement Photographer | Sara + Matt

Spring is here in all its color and glory but fall is still very much on my mind. You might be wondering why, but once you take a look at Matt and Sara’s autumn engagement session in downtown Richmond, you will know EXACTLY why!

Sara and Matt met up with us in early November to celebrate and commemorate their engagement, and now, in a blink of an eye, four months have passed and their wedding is less than a month away! I am meeting up with Sara this weekend for her bridal portraits, and I CAN’T wait to get a sneak peek of her dress. I mean, seriously. This girl is going to be gorgeous bride!

We started off the afternoon parking street side and then got out and started walking. We didn’t have to take but a few steps before we found creamy light, golden trees and beautiful architecture. I love Virginia!

I especially love Matt and Sara in Virginia!

Don’t you just love Sara’s cobalt blue dress and boots!? So Kate Middleton.

Out for a stroll…

Okay. I can’t stand it. These two are just so stinkin’ cute!

We braved the traffic to be able to cross over to this median that was lined with beautiful fall foliage and lots of fallen leaves for tossing!

Love this Etsy sign that Sara had made. What a great idea for a save the date!

We just couldn’t resist….

Sara and Matt’s new home. No biggie.:)

Starting our walk back. I love this one that John caught right as Sara looked our way.

Sara and Matt: We had such an awesome time with you both in November! Thanks so much for showing us around downtown Richmond and letting us get to know you guys a bit more! Now that April is around the corner all I ┬ácan think about is the wedding. It’s going to be AMAZING! See you soon!!
Un abrazo fuerte,
Sara Duvall - March 27, 2013 - 7:13 pm

We absolutely love all of the pictures! So looking forward to all the great wedding photos to come! Thank you both so much!

Katie Powers - March 28, 2013 - 12:58 am

I of course think their the cutest and most beautiful couple. Hey we are talking about MY SON and his very very soon to be wife. The pictures are all wonderful. you can see in their faces how much they love and respect one another. xoxoxo

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