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Charlottesville Wedding Photographer | Lauren + Josh

I couldn’t think of a better way of starting off this glorious three day weekend than with Josh and Lauren’s gorgeous Castle Hill Cider wedding. So grab your favorite drink in a mug, bottle or glass, take a seat and get ready to swoon! Now who wouldn’t want to keep traveling down this dirt road!? […]

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Mi media naranja

The Spanish language has so many great terms of endearment. My sky, my life, my heart, my love….they all just overflow with passion and romance. Out of all of these choices, however, my ¬†all-time favorite is “mi media naranja”. Literally it means my half orange, but as a term of endearment its closest match in […]

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Charlottesville Engagement | Jess + Mark

For those of us fortunate enough to call Charlottesville home, the University of Virginia¬†is, in my opinion, one of its finest assets. Not only is it a highly respected academic institution attracting scholars from all over the world, but it also boasts one of the prettiest campuses, both in terms of architecture and flora. In […]

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No ordinary thing

I have learned not to take love for granted. It’s an ever-present temptation as a wedding photographer to think that love happens everyday because we’re with engaged and married couples all of the time, but I know from my own life and from walking alongside friends and family members that love is no ordinary thing. […]

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