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Life Lessons from a Pup: Lesson 3

It’s been a crazy week! Spring has officially arrived and with that a steady stream of clients wanting to take advantage of the gorgeous weather and colorful blooms. I’m so excited to share everything with you on the blog, so keep dropping by to check out our latest work! In the midst of feeling a […]

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Life Lessons from a Pup: Lesson 2

It’s not even spring yet, but we have had a week of 80 degree weather here in Charlottesville and it’s like the whole town has gone on spring break. Our daffodils have come and gone in all of their yellow, white and orange glory, and now our azaelas are starting to bloom. It feels like […]

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Life Lessons from a Pup: Lesson 1

Well, the creative juices have been flowing this week, and when they start flowin’, you never know what I will come up with! The end result of this week’s burst of creativity is that I’ve decided to start a new series of posts for the blog. They will be entitled “Life Lessons from a Pup” […]

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